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The Foundation of the IADC seeks to have a significant impact on the civil justice system. It works to serve as a platform for educating the public and the legal community on current litigation issues and supporting the integrity of the legal system throughout the world. With the support of individual member, law firm, and corporate donations, The Foundation of the IADC continues to develop new projects and initiatives to advance the legal system.

The Foundation supports iCivics, the National High School Mock Trial Championship, the State Best Practices Survey, and more.

Please make a contribution today and help The Foundation support the advancement of the civil justice system. 
The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is education. Donations to The Foundation are eligible for tax deductions under the extent of the law.


Challenge Issued to Help Raise $100,000 for Sandra Day O'Connor Legacy Fund

The Foundation of the IADC donated $100,000 to the Sandra Day O’Connor Legacy Fund to benefit iCivics in April. At the 2015 Annual Meeting, The Foundation issued a challenge to the IADC members and their firms and companies. Together, let’s match the $100,000 with another $100,000!

We’re happy to report that IADC members and their firms and companies have already donated and pledged more than $40,000 toward that goal! That total includes a $5,000 pledge by the Penhooligans Trial Academy faculty, a $5,000 pledge by the Campbell Souperstars faculty, and a $5,250 pledge by the Silver Glatiators. These faculties challenge other Trial Academy faculties and groups of IADC members to make pledges to the Legacy Fund. We have about $60,000 to go to meet our goal, and every dollar counts!

Thank you to those who have donated so far. If you would like to make a donation, please use the form and send your donation to iCivics. If you are part of a Trial Academy faculty or other IADC group of members who would like to donate and have iCivics send you invoices, please contact Mary Beth Kurzak at to coordinate.

To donate, please use this form. For more information, click here.

New Reference Guide: Survey of International Litigation Procedures

The Foundation of the IADC has published an extensive guide that offers an overview of civil justice systems relevant to defendants and potential defendants around the world. The “Survey of International Litigation Procedures: A Reference Guide” is a question and answer survey by country that includes for each country general information about local methods of adjudication‎, alternative dispute resolution, discovery, trial procedure, experts, privilege, limitations, costs rules, jurisdiction, and other topics of interest to potential litigants. There are currently surveys for more than 45 countries online and we expect to add more in the coming weeks.

Thank you to Gord McKee of Blake, Cassels & Graydon, LLP in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for leading and editing the project and to all of the contributors.

Updated State Best Practices Survey Now Online

The second edition of the State Best Practices Survey is online in the IADC Members Only Section here. Be sure to access this impressive effort that answers key questions for each state regarding trial practices. This is a great tool to share with your clients! Once you open the PDF, save it and send it to those who can use it most. If you've passed it on to a client for use, please let Mary Beth Kurzak know. We'd like to share success stories with others.

Thank you to project leader Tammy White and to all of those who are continuing their efforts with the project. Please refer to the Table of Contents to see who edited each state in the second edition. Thank you to all of those who assisted! We will continue to review and update the survey results annually.


The Foundation Supports IADC Webinars

The free IADC Webinars are made possible through a grant from The Foundation of the IADC. Please make sure you are taking advantage of this excellent educational opportunity for you and for your associates. We've had several highly successful "101" series that are great for your less experienced lawyers, and the Substantive Law Committees offer many Webinars on high level topics of most interest to you. Did we mention they are free to you? You can even forward to a client if you want him or her to participate. To find out about upcoming webinars, please visit the Webinar page on the IADC website. 


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