Dedicated to supporting the advancement of the civil justice system.
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Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities

To be recognized by the global business and legal community as a leader in supporting the advancement of the civil justice system.

The Foundation of the IADC will:

  • educate the public and global legal community on issues impacting the civil justice system;
  • provide a forum for discussion of topics critical to corporate and defense counsel;
  • promote projects for the advancement of the legal system; and
  • support scholarship for the continued education of defense attorneys and corporate counsel.

Strategic Priorities
Provide educational programs and support research on critical issues facing the civil defense bar.

Promote positive innovation to the civil justice system through identification and promotion of best legal practices globally.

Create partnerships with other organizations to support the education of the global defense bar, the judiciary, business community, and general public.

Build support and funding for its work throughout the IADC membership, the corporate community, and the public.

Participate in programs that promote diversity and make legal services available to everyone.


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